one of my loves is jewellery~ costume or fine. here's a small collection of some of my treasured pieces: 
pearls from my aunt for my 21st, and a string from the south sea when my mum and dad came back from a trip to china. there's also a ring from another aunt, a few trinkets from other family members, rings from my sister and grandmother, and a gold eiffel tower charm the boy bought me while we were in paris for my birthday 
last year. i love that jewellery holds so much sentimentality, yet is so easily added to your daily outfit. 
while i don't wear the same one or two pieces every single day, i do wear a mix every so often. 
i also love the mix of yellow gold and silver~ it's somewhat unexpected and 
it makes each colour pop on their own. 
which pieces from your jewellery collection hold special meaning for you?


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  2. I love vintage jewelry! What beautiful accessories!