we thought we'd show you all a glimpse of the beautiful, unique handpicked vintage pieces
we've sourced for the store. we currently have knits, denim, blazers and leather bags coming out of our ears! 
racks of clothes just waiting to be chosen by someone and loved dearly. those of you who 
list on either ebay or etsy know how time consuming all the steps to selling items can be - 
dry-cleaning, photographing, storing, listing, packing, sending... oh my! 
and although it's feeling like a long process, each and everyday we're getting closer to finally opening 
the beautifully unique; loulaVINTAGE etsy store.
stay tuned for more sneak peeks and opening discounts! 

1 comment:

  1. love these pics! so soft and pretty, just wanna reach out and feel it!

    xx Raez